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  • Additional Pet Form
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  • Register An Additional Pet Form

    If you have already filled out a New Client Form and have more than one pet please fill out this form for each additional pet. Thank you!
    • Only use this form if you have already filled out a New Client Form for your first pet and need to add additional pets to your account. Only one pet per form please.
      On your pets first visit we will take a photo for the patient file. We will also use photos to catalog illnesses or procedures (e.g.. before and after photos of a dental cleaning). Please check your photo use preference below:
    • Please note for species other than dog or cat you will need to schedule with a specific doctor. Dr. André will see rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents. Dr. Carlisle will see all listed species.
      Some common signs of fear/stress/anxiety are: panting, pacing, vocalizing, trembling, growling, hissing, or trying to bite.
      Please check the types of rewards your pet enjoys and indicate if there are any foods that need to be avoided. Please give specifics about the boxes you have checked in the next section.
    • If you have any comments about boxes checked in the above two questions please enter them here



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