Clinical Research Supports Therapeutic Laser Treatments to REDUCE PAIN

“The therapy laser is an essential tool in veterinary medicine’s pain management arsenal…Essentially anything that is considered a painful or inflammatory condition can benefit from laser therapy.”   — Laser Therapy and its role in Pain Management and Rehabilitation, by Jennifer F. Johnson, VMD, CVPP, in Canadian Vet, May/June 2016   Click link to full article: _Laser Therapy and its Role in Pain Management

“Therapeutic photobiomodulation, such as provided by therapy lasers,
has become an important element in a multimodal approach to pain management.
The analgesic effects achieved with the administration of therapeutic photobiomodulation are well documented in the literature…(and) The mechanisms resulting in this physiological achievement are clearly understood.”
— Therapeutic Photobiomodulation: A Necessary Component of a Veterinary Pain Management Strategy, by Ronald J. Riegel, DVM, in Veterinary Practice News, September, 2012
Click link to full article: _Therapeutic Photobiomodulation VPN

“…He has regained mobility and a level of comfort Dr. Miller Becnel thought might be unreachable. ‘The therapy has made believers out of all of us here,’ says Miller Becnel, the owner-operator of The Cat Hospital of Metairie in Louisiana. ‘It’s a wonderful thing.’
— Class IV Laser Sheds New Light on Treatment of Elderly Animals, by Dennis Arp, in Veterinary Practice News, January, 2012
Click link to full article: Class IV Laser Sheds New Light On Treatment Of Elderly Animals

Physiological Effects of Laser Therapy, a Diagram.
Click link to diagram: Effects of Therapy Laser


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