Vetsource Online Pharmacy

We are pleased to offer a pharmacy home delivery service to our clients.

Vetsource is a safe online pharmacy that works directly with veterinary hospitals to provide the medications your pets need.  Unlike other online pharmacies such as 1800PETMEDS, Vetsource obtains their products directly from the manufacturers.  This means that products from Vetsource come with manufacturer guarantees and you can be sure you will get the exact product your ordered (no substitutions or foreign imported medications), fresh (not expired) products, and the full backing of the safety and efficacy of the products by the companies that make them.  Online pharmacies are always shifting their prices slightly based on the availability of products they are selling (because most veterinary product companies will not sell to online pharmacies – other than Vetsource – those pharmacies must get the products through third parties meaning supply availability is variable) so it’s challenging to exactly match prices of other online pharmacies; however if you check you’ll find Vetsource pricing is nearly identical to that of 1800PETMEDS most of the time. With Vetsource our clients are able to purchase medications that we do not carry in our hospital pharmacy.  For example – in our clinic we carry Heartgard (heartworm and intestinal parasite preventive) and Nexgard (flea and tick preventive) for dogs and Revolution (heartworm, flea, ear mite, and intestinal parasite preventive) for cats and small dogs.  Other heartworm and flea medications such as Trifexis can be purchased through Vetsource.

Pets on chronic medications or prescription diets (Royal Canin, Hill’s, and Purina) can also purchase these through Vetsource for convenient home delivery.

Vetsource also offers the “Remind Me” program – this is to help us all remember to give heartworm and flea/tick preventives on time every month so our pets stay protected – single doses are shipped once every 30 days so all you have to do is open the box and give the dose to your pet.  While in general only orders over $49 ship for free, the Remind Me doses come with free shipping each month.

If you have any questions about Vetsource please speak to one of our staff members or email us at


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